Barrett Business Services, Inc. Announces Reinstatement of Its Farm and Forest Labor Contractor License

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PORTLAND, Ore., April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Barrett Business Services, Inc.

(Nasdaq: BBSI) announced today that its farm and forest labor contractor

license was reinstated by the State of Oregon. An administrative law judge

has withdrawn the final order on default of April 4, 1997 entered by the

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. The judge's ruling will allow Barrett

to present its case at a hearing to evaluate the merits of the State's

administrative complaint.

Barrett had reported on April 8, 1997 that its farm and forest labor

contractor license had been revoked by the State of Oregon through a default

judgment and an assessment of $488,000 in civil penalties. The State alleged

certain deficiencies related to written documentation evidencing that the

terms and conditions of employment and workers' rights and remedies had been

properly communicated to employees.

Chief Executive Officer William W. Sherertz stated, "This reinstates our

farm and forest labor contractor license and provides the Company the

opportunity to comprehensively respond to the State's allegations. The

administrative law judge is to be commended on his ruling to allow the case to

be evaluated on its merits."

Barrett Business Services, Inc. is a human resource management company

with offices in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, Michigan,

Maryland and Delaware. Barrett reported revenues of $215.8 million and net

income of $5.0 million for 1996.
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CONTACT: William W. Sherertz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Barrett Business Services Inc., 503-220-0988