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VANCOUVER, WA, Jan 18, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Barrett Business Services, Inc. (BBSI) (NASDAQ: BBSI), a leading provider of business management solutions, announced its board of directors is carefully reviewing letters received from Kimberly J. Jacobsen Sherertz and her advisers in connection with their stated objective of removing all but one director and electing their slate of nominees. Ms. Sherertz is the widow of William W. Sherertz, BBSI's long-time chief executive officer. She is also the personal representative of his estate, which holds the BBSI stock he owned.

Anthony Meeker, BBSI's chairman of the board, commented: "We are sympathetic to the burdens that Bill's passing has placed on his family and continue to offer our support to Ms. Sherertz as she works through the tax and other issues facing his estate. We also believe strongly that the course she is currently pursuing to replace all but one board member with her hand-picked nominees is ill-advised and contrary to the best interests of the company and its other shareholders."

In recent weeks, Ms. Sherertz and Mr. Charles M. Gillman have issued a series of public statements with which the company takes exception. Mr. Gillman is described in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") as being part of a proxy group with Ms. Sherertz, although he owns no BBSI stock. None of Ms. Sherertz's nominees own any BBSI stock, either. The group's most recent press release filed with the SEC on January 13, 2012, included the following examples of inaccurate and unsupported statements:

--  Ms. Sherertz's group alleges that "The company's Change in Control

Agreements... are not in line with industry best practices."

In fact, in April 2011, BBSI's board of directors approved change in

control agreements with each of the company's three executive officers

to provide greater assurance of stability within senior management

following Mr. Sherertz's death. The board carefully considered the

proposed terms of the agreements in light of the circumstances and

determined the agreements to be in the best interests of the company.

In May 2011 reports, ISS and Glass Lewis, the leading independent

proxy advisors to institutional shareholders, both described the terms

of the agreements and recommended a favorable "say on pay" vote on

BBSI's executive compensation. Glass Lewis commented that, "Overall,

we find that the Company has structured its executive compensation

programs appropriately," ISS noted. "No significant concerns were

found in reviewing the company's executive compensation program." The

"say on pay" proposal at BBSI's 2011 annual meeting was approved by a

wide margin, with 4,312,957 shares voting in favor and only 173,743

shares voting against.

-- Ms. Sherertz's group claims that "[BBSI] has continuously ignored

requests of a shareholder group led by Kimberly J. Jacobsen Sherertz

and the estate of her late husband..."

The fact is, throughout 2011, members of BBSI's board of directors

had frequent meetings and communications with Ms. Sherertz and her

advisers in an attempt to resolve her concerns. In addition, Mr.

Meeker met with Ms. Sherertz and one of her advisers in mid-May 2011

during which her concerns regarding the change in control agreements

were discussed. Members of the board have continued to offer their

availability and desire to maintain a dialogue with Ms. Sherertz.

-- Ms. Sherertz's group also claims that the "BBSI Board has also ignored

Ms. Sherertz's request... that a special meeting of the stockholders

be held... [and denied] Ms. Sherertz's request for the company's

stockholder list."

In fact, on January 10 and again on January 13, 2012, BBSI's lawyers

advised Ms. Sherertz of legal deficiencies with her requests under

Maryland corporate law. BBSI's board of directors will continue to

consider and respond to Ms. Sherertz's requests, consistent with

applicable law and the directors' fiduciary duties to act in the best

interests of the company.

-- Ms. Sherertz's group wants you to believe that "The failure of BBSI's

Directors to cause BBSI to reasonably respond to the requests of Ms.

Sherertz is a patent breach of fiduciary duty owed to Ms. Sherertz by

the BBSI Directors for which they shall be held accountable."

In fact, as noted above, BBSI's board of directors has been

responsive. What Ms. Sherertz does not seem to recognize is that the

board is responsible to allof the company's shareholders, a

responsibility it takes very seriously. The board finds it telling

that Ms. Sherertz and her advisers believe the board owes a duty to

Ms. Sherertz alone.

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