Case Studies

We work with more than 2,000 companies. Here's what a select few had to say about us.


A no-pressure partnership

Ron Dumas had run a successful business, AutoGator, for nearly 30 years, but as his business grew, he was spending more and more time on management and compliance issues. A friend suggested BBSI as a way to save money on workers' compensation insurance, but Ron soon appreciated them for much more. What started as a way to save money developed into a partnership based on expertise and trust. "There is no place they haven't lived up to my expectations" says Ron of BBSI. "They outperformed in any area I've asked them to perform."

Legally Compliant? BBSI's got your back

Being an owner is one thing. Being a compliant owner, especially in the state of California, quite another. Every year brings new laws and challenges to small businesses, and Ron counts on BBSI to handle them. "I know my business, but I don't know every single law that applies to my business‚ ...BBSI understands the regulations and new State and Federal policies impacting business, so I don’t have to." It cuts down on stress, and gives Ron the time and energy to focus on the parts of his business he knows best.

Freedom through BBSI

Ron's partnership with BBSI stands out among all of his business service relationships. They’ve become an invaluable resource he can count on every time to provide the guidance and feedback he needs, when he needs it. Most of all, they've given Ron freedom to focus on ‚ and not stress about - his business.

"I have a friendly and comfortable relationship with BBSI’s staff. I am confident in asking questions—they make me feel totally comfortable in asking. " - Ron Dumas, Owner, AutoGator, Inc